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Omni Wax

Omni jewelry injection waxes are recognised as being some of the finest quality waxes manufactured exclusively for the jewelry industry throughout the world.

There are five Omni waxes which cover almost every different kind of performance and property needed by the professional jewelry manufacturer. All Omni waxes are packed in convenient 1 kilo bags, 25 per shipping carton.

Omni waxes are used to produce high quality patterns, efficiently and cost effectively, Omni is a name synonymous with top quality products used in the production of jewelry including waxes, investment powders and both.

R1 / Omni 010 - Aqua, Burgundy, Red and Blue

An ideal product for any wax room, 010 has virtually zero shrinkage and produces excellent surface finish and intricate detail on the wax pattern. Omni 010 can be used to produce both large and medium sized patterns and may be used for "stone in place" work.

R25 / Omni 025 - Pink

Perfect for intricate filigree work, flexible with excellent flow properties, 025 is a must for any wax room. The surface of the wax pattern helps produce a perfect casting reducing the amount of polishing work required. This wax is perfect for "stone setting" work.

Waxes for Hot Climates

Omni powders, waxes and silicone rubbers are widely used in many of the "hot climate" markets where, because of extreme temperatures at certain times of the year, different properties are required.

Two new waxes have been developed to ensure that we are able to meet those specific demands (Omni 225 and Omni 228).

Omni 225

This wax is available in Blue or Red colors and, as previously stated has the necessary characteristics to work perfectly under the most extreme of conditions. This is a low viscosity wax with good flow and flexibility. The congealing point is 145°F (63°C) and injection temperature of 158°F (70°C)

Omni 225 has excellent flow, is a fast setting wax and will produce patterns with a high level of detail, including filigree work. This wax is packed in convenient 1 kilo Omni styled sachets, 25 kilos per shipping carton.

Omni 228

Omni 228 is also suitable as a "Hot Climate" wax and differs from 225 in that the viscosity is very much higher; the wax has very good memory, produces fine detail and solidifies quickly.

The congealing point is 146°F (63°C) and the injection temperature 158°F (70°C). Packed in "easy for sale" 1 kilo pictorial sachets, 25 sachets into each shipping carton.

To see the full benefit of all of the Omni waxes use Omni Silicone Rubber to produce your molds.

Omni 010 Premium Grade Universal Wax

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Omni Wax Pink 025

Omni 021 Pouring and Injecting Wax

Getting the best results from your Omni wax

Your Wax Pot: Wax pots should be drained and cleaned regularly. Fill your wax pot at the end of the day; give your Omni wax time to reach the correct injection temperature.

If you have to refill the pot during the production day: (1) Increase the pot temperature to 195°F (90°C) to fast melt the added wax; (2) Stir the added wax in to eliminate bubbles and to evenly distribute heat; (3) Take the temperature reading to ensure correct injection temperature; (4) Before re-use allow the pot to settle and re-check injection temperature; (5) Pull vacuum on the wax tank to ensure there is no trapped air.

Operation: Where possible keep the pot on continuously at the injection temperature to keep the wax at an even temperature.

Wax Temperature: Have an accurately calibrated thermometer exclusively for your wax pots. Immerse the thermometer into the wax to get an accurate reading.

Injection Pressure: To get the best results set the pressure at the lowest pressure setting. Always clean the nozzle before daily use.

Shutting down at night: Release air pressure. Refill the pot. Ensure pot is left on.

Omni Wax Properties Injection Temperature (°F) Congealing Temperature (°F) Color Viscosity (cPs@158°F)
R1 / Omni 010All purpose158144Aqua265
R25 / Omni 025Filigree and stone-in-place153 - 158140Pink263

GRS Premium Waxes

Wax datasheet Download

Flexi Blue - R34WF

Flexi Blue is the most flexible wax in the GRS PremiumĀ® range. This wax has high plasticity giving the wax exceptional memory and durability. Flexi Blue is a very durable wax widely used for stone in place and will withstand rough handling and removal from very complex moulds.

Finest Filigree - R36WF

Finest Filigree is specifically designed for injecting detailed patterns and providing a wax that is flexible and strong enough to enable removal from the mould without damage. Finest filigree is also recommended for stone in place setting.

Sturdy Green - R35WF

Sturdy Green is the hardest and most durable wax in the range. This wax is perfect for use in metal moulds or where the patterns have sharp detail or where a high degree of accuracy is needed. It has a high flexibility and low shrinkage and is therefore easy to remove and easy to read

General Purpose - R37WF

General Purpose wax is a formulation which is suitable for most jewellery designs. This product has a balanced set of characteristics for the most demanding wax applications, with good flow, low shrinkage and easy to read. This wax is available in aqua, burgundy and turquoise.

R866 - Blue

R866 wax is a Premium Grade injection wax, developed with high flexibility, easy flow and low hardness. R866 wax will hold sharp details and is an ideal wax for most wax patterns produced in the modern wax room. R866 is predominantly available in Blue, but is - also available in Red and Green up on request

R863 - Pink

R863 Pink wax is a Premium Grade injection wax, specifically designed for injecting detailed patterns and providing a wax that is flexible and strong enough to enable removal from the mould without damage. R863 is a good general purpose wax with high flexibility, low shrinkage and gives an extremely smooth surface finish.

The above product information is given in good faith as accurate and reliable but is not to be taken as a guarantee. The figures provided are intended to be a guide to expected average values and should not be interpreted as a specification. Any potential applications referred to are not to be construed as recommendations. It is the responsibility of the user to determine suitability for any specific purpose.