Whip Mix Jewelry Investment


Investment Powders

The Whip Mix Corporation is a leading manufacturer of investment powder and has been making top quality investment for the jewelry industry since 1919.

It currently manufactures a number of investment powders for the successful casting of Gold, Silver and Brass.

Omni-Cast Prima-Cast Prima-Cast

Omni-II Omni-II

In addition to these alloys we also offer casting powders for Bronze, Platinum, Palladium and Stainless Steel.

With the introduction of Rapid Prototyping, the need for an investment powder which will withstand the different expansions of the resins and waxes and produce a trouble free casting with exceptional surface quality has never been greater.

Benefits of Whip Mix investment powders:

  • Smooth accurate castings;
  • Consistent results;
  • Dedicated technical support team;
  • Accredited to ISO 9001;
  • Worldwide network of distributors.