Whip Mix Jewelry Investment

Omni-Cast Omni-Cast


For the casting of precious alloys up to 1350°C including Palladium White Gold.

Omni-Cast has a reputation to be the best investment powder produced for the jewelry industry, producing castings of the highest quality and surface finish.

Developed at Whipmix's USA facility, Omni-Cast is manufactured using only the finest grades of raw materials. With a very high percentage of cristobalite, Omni-Cast can cast precious alloys up to 2450°F (1350°C) including Palladium White Gold. Omnicast can withstand very demanding burnout cycles, including rapid burnouts.

Omni-Cast is packed and available as follows:

  • 45 kilo Fibre Drum, 24 per pallet;
  • 45 kilo Polypropylene Sack, 25 per pallet;
  • 22.5 kilo Polypropylene Sack, 50 per pallet.

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Whip Mix Powders Material Safety Data Sheet (14 KB)

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Mixing Instructions

Vacuum Machine Mixing 38:100Minutes
Weigh powder and water0
Add powder to water0
Vacuum mix5
Pour investment2
Hold under vacuum1
Total work time8

Conventional Hand Mixing 38:100Minutes
Weigh powder and water0
Add powder to water0
Vacuum bowl2
Pour investment1
Vacuum flasks2
Total work time9

Normal Burnout Cycle

Omnicast Burnout Cycles

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